2015 Competitive Tryouts Pre-Training for Goalies

In addition to the Competitive pre-tryout training announced yesterday for January 10th & 11th Brian Catalano will be available at Rittler Park for goalie training for any boys or girls that are interested in trying out for the position. He will be available from 12:30-2:30 on Saturday (for boys) and Sunday (for girls).

The tentative schedule will be:

  • 0-20min – Warm Up games (fun/explosive/high intensity movements) interspersed with a little bit of dynamic stretching
  • 20-40min – Footwork and basic handling (think cone/flag/ladder work, with pre-determined footwork to prep the nervous system for agility later)
  • 40-70min – Collapse Dives and Power Dives (outside of the goal to begin, progressing to the goal if numbers permit)
  • 70-95 min – Handling Crosses and hand distribution (here agility will be huge, so we’ll review footwork in a pre-determined setting for a few minutes, then progress to simply serving balls)
  • 95-115 min – breakaway technique + striker/keeper game to goal
  • 115-120 min – Q&A from players/parents/coaches; if there are more questions, I will obviously be happy to stay a bit longer

In his words,

there is so much into the game of goalkeeping, and thus I won’t be able to cover everything in a 2 hour session (distribution, pass backs, organization/communication, through balls, balls played over the top, cutback/3-goal situations, positioning, etc). I am not going to get too in-depth in this session either, BUT I will give each child an introduction to the position, some basic activities, simple coaching cues. Each exercise will be simple enough that it will be repeatable for any coach in attendance, and if any coaches are there they are more than welcome to take notes, listen for simple cues, etc.

This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in the position to test themselves and learn what’s involved.

8 thoughts on “2015 Competitive Tryouts Pre-Training for Goalies”

  1. The girls U13+ Girls Select Pre-tryouts training is Jan. 11, 1:00 to 2:30.
    Can my daughter attend the Jan. 10 Pre-training for Goalies?

  2. I want to double check my understanding of the goalie date. The girls training is Sunday, Jan 11th 12:30-2:30 correct? The boys are scheduled for Saturday, right? Please confirm……..thank you.

  3. I’m having trouble signing my son up for the goalie session on Sportability. I’ve both called sport ability and tried to contact them by email. What do you suggest? Have other people had difficulty registering?

    1. I was able to register my son for the actual competitive try-out, but when I go back in to register for the goalie session, after I put in my name and password, I get to a page that reads:

      “Thanks for coming back to register another player/coach, or to copy an old registration to a current season. Please select the previous registration you wish to copy.”

      When I touch his name under this year’s competitive tryout registration, the line highlights in grey, but nothing else happens. It doesn’t take me to the next step. I am using a tablet to do this, not a PC. -Kim

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