Spring Soccer Registration is Open

Registration for Spring Recreational Soccer is open!

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Alameda Soccer Club (ASC) has decided to invest in our youngest members and provide them with the best possible soccer experience. As such, ASC has enhanced the Recreational Soccer program for 2015 Spring U6, U7 and U8 age groups. This enhancement will provide a stimulating, rewarding and enjoyable practice experience and environment. The program will allow players and coaches to be exposed to age appropriate skills and small-sided games. This investment will give the players game skills in a fun, high-interest, fast-paced manner. The coaches will also gain insight and advice as to how to teach and encourage young, developing players. The overriding desire is for the players, as well as the coaches, to have fun playing soccer while building and developing skill sets. This type of exposure and environment will make playing the Beautiful Game even more enjoyable!

Match days will remain the same! The changes will be emphasized at the weekly practices through the routine presence of professional soccer trainers, coaching the players and coaches. Why? The best soccer clubs in the world find it is very important to make sure kids start with sound instruction at the youngest levels. In addition, we want to provide our coaches a chance to work side by side with professional trainers to give our coaches the opportunity to gain experience and valuable knowledge as well.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the ASC Recreational Coordinator or the Coaching Coordinator. We are extremely excited to be able to offer our club members the chance to work with the professional trainers and further enhance player and coaching skills for the betterment of the recreational soccer community.

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10 thoughts on “Spring Soccer Registration is Open”

    1. Kimberly, yes practices will continue to be held right before the U6 games. The added benefit is that the teams will have a professional trainer guiding the sessions and helping the players and coach.

  1. Very exciting! What is the official start date for the Spring season — i.e., when would the first week of practices be? Thanks, U7 coach.

    1. U6 practices and games (single event) will begin on Sunday, March 29. Registration will close tomorrow, 3/20, and all team rosters will be sent to coaches who will begin communicating to players and families.

  2. What day, time and location do the U7 girls practice and play games?We have registered but have not received any information.

  3. I’m going to sign my daughter up for U6. Curious to know exactly when U6 will commence, see that the last comment states “as early as Sunday, March 22nd”, is this still the case? Also, what time, where, and how many practices are their for the $95 fee? Is there a schedule for practices?

  4. When will we hear about teams & practices? I have one signed up for U6, one for U10 and haven’t heard anything.
    Thanks, Leigh Vintson

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