Fall Registration Details

A reminder that Fall registration for recreational soccer is now open and the deadline to apply is in August so, before you head out for vacation, do not forget to register and reserve a spot for your son or daughter.

To register, click on this link click the “Register Now!” link for the correct age group, and follow the remaining directions. If you are unsure about the correct age group, refer to this chart.

Alameda Soccer Club is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization. It is ASC’s goal to provide a high quality soccer environment at a reasonable price. In that regard, there have been some questions about the recent registration fee increase.

ASC’s 2015 registration fee is primarily a pass-through of increased operating costs. The most significant of these increases are for field watering and maintainance, increased fees from Jack London Youth Soccer Sport League (JLYSSL) and fines from JLYSSL for not meeting the per-team game credit requirements for referees.

Our unit costs for water have increased dramatically. However, the club has been working with Alameda Parks and Recreation Department to balance protecting our prized resource, fields, while working within the mandated water reduction guidelines.

The per-player fee Alameda Soccer Club pays JLYSSL to administer match coordination, game-day field and ref assignments/payment increases each year and therefore is passed through in player registration fees.

JLYSSL’s mandates a Referee game credit requirement for all Recreational and Competitive teams. Each team must have an affiliated referee(s) and a $30 fine (to ASC) is imposed for each game credit not earned. While 2014’s fines were significant, our referee coordinator (John Richer) is working hard to mitigate this cost in future years.   On that note, John has helped 28 new Referees become licensed in 2015.

While increased operational costs account for a significant portion of the fee increase, ASC has now also added professional trainers to aid in the development of our younger Recreational players, coaches and teams. The trainers from Challenger Sports have been working with our younger teams this Spring and ASC will be expanding this to more Recreational teams this Fall.

Last, but certainly not least, our Volunteer Coordinator has developed and implemented a program to incentivize ASC families to serve as an ASC volunteer. ASC families that choose to fill a qualifying  volunteer position, will receive a $60 registration rebate upon completion of their volunteer duties. For details about the volunteer program, see our Volunteer page.

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