12 thoughts on “Fall Registration open for Rec Soccer”

  1. So it appears we are using the new age brackets for recreation. This means my son (DOB 02/03/09) will not be able to play with most of his classmates. Is he allowed to play up with U10? Thanks

    1. Leigh, the 2009 birth year would be aligned with the prior category of U8. ASC does not recommend players to “play up” for developmental reasons. There are of course times when playing up is in the best interest of the player, but that is very rare. Thank you.

    2. Hello, yes, you can request that he play up, but not down, but it is pending how much space there is and coach approval. Additional fees would be applied later (for the difference between U8 and U10).

      Thank you,
      Yen-Chi Ha
      ASC Assistant Registrar

  2. What is the address that the Membership form needs to be mailed to? The address on the form says Pleasanton – but that is not correct.

    1. Please feel free to enter the name of a known coach that has, or will, register to be a coach in the Fall season. If you do not know a coach, no worries. Teams will be formed based on the number of registered coaches, and players will be assigned teams with the requested coach or friends. If no coach or friend is requested, players are assigned teams based on neighborhood and school. Thank you.


  3. I’ve heard rumor there may be a competative u8 team, is this accurate? If so, what is the try out info?

  4. My daughter was born 9/21/09 but has never played soccer outside of at school. Would she still be U8 or could she play U7?

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