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Announcing the ASC Volunteer Incentive Program

Give back to your community, then get something back for you and your team.

The ASC Volunteer Program has been established to allow parents and families to be reimbursed for volunteer activities associated with ASC teams and the club. As you may have noticed the fees have been raise slightly this year to cover expenses and to improve the training for all ASC players. In order to offset some of the fee increases you are encouraged to volunteer for listed activities and at the end of the season can request a reimbursement towards the fall player fee. Many youth sports organizations have mandatory volunteer requirements as part of the team participation however ASC has decided to let the parents / guardian decide if they want to volunteer to lessen the costs of player fees. Volunteer activities help the coaches, the parents and the children during the season to make it much more fun and spreads out the time commitment.

Upon request $60 will be credited after completion and verification of approved listed volunteer activities. Request for volunteer reimbursement should be sent to volunteercoordinator@alamedasoccer.org. For full details, please see the Volunteer page.