Game Reporting & Getting Paid

The first step to getting paid for the games that you have Refereed is to Report your games on

Game Reporting

    Logon to and click on ‘Games I Have Refereed’

    Look for your name in the ‘Referee’, ‘Asst. Ref. 1’ or ‘Asst. Ref. 2’ column and click on ‘Make Report’.

    Enter the ‘Home Team’ goals scored and also the ‘Away Team’ goals scored, Yellow Cards or Red Cards if there were any and click ‘Save Reports’.

This is the basic information to get paid per game.

Getting Paid

You get paid via a separate service called ‘RefPay (now known as ArbiterPay)

Please follow the procedures outlined on the JLYSL webs site at the ‘Referee Payment Information‘ page.

Payroll is processed by JLYSL each month usually in the middle of the month (around the 15th). If you have any issues or problems with getting paid, please contact me at