Sign-up for games

ASC & JLYSL no longer use This page will be updated with the new location when resumption of play is established.
• Each Referee has a profile established by the Referee Coordinator that relates to their experience level.
• New referee will not be able to see most games because they don’t have enough experience.
• Start with AR on U12 and U13 rec games. (U10 games don’t have ARs.)
• Sign up early.

Once you have made the request, an assignor / Referee Coordinator (RC) will approve your request, and you will get an email confirmation.
• Only request games you can make, and late cancellations should be avoided.
• If you have problems please contact me at as soon as possible so that the teams can play as planned. We are counting on you!
• If your request for a game is not accepted, don’t be offended or upset. There are often multiple requests for games and a wide range of reasons for approving and accepting requests.
• With experience you can request higher level games.